Privacy Policy

Last Updated: January 13, 2019

Who are we?

Calytics provides a free analytics service to website owners to be able to see how much people use their services and what kinds of computers use those sites

Information we collect

When you connect to a website with Calytics, the following information is collected:

  • User Agent
  • IP Address
  • Cookie Information
  • Sites you've accessed

  • What we do with your information

    Calytics does not give any of your personal information to advertisers, we use the information internally and then show website owners the anonymous data

  • User Agents
  • A user agent is a small line of text your browser stores about your computer, this includes what browser you are using, what operating system you are running, and basic device information

    We use this information to tell site owners what browsers and operating systems people are using to access their sites

  • IP Address
  • An IP address is a small string of numbers that is used to identify general location and it is used to identify different networks in the world

    Your IP address is logged by our web server in order to detect intruders and possible malicious users. Calytics also uses your IP address to temporarly identify users until their cookie is set (information below)

  • Cookie Information
  • A cookie is small string of characters that is set in your browser's storage when you join a website.

    Calytics uses your cookie information to identify whether you are a new or returning user to a website.

    The cookie we use is set by CloudFlare, a web protection company. You can read their privacy policy here.

  • Access Information
  • We check something called a Referrer when you use Calytics. When you connect to a site that uses Calytics, we are sent the page you are on in their website

    We use this information to sort data for different sites and show site owners where users are on thier site

    How long your information is kept

  • User Agents
  • Your user agent is kept in our web server logs until they are deleted. Due to this information being public, there is no reason to delete it.

  • IP Address
  • Your IP address is kept in our web server logs until we have identified that you are not an attacker on our site. Calytics only stores your IP address until your cookie is set.

  • Cookie Information
  • Calytics keeps your cookie information for up to a year, but usually only a month

  • Access Information
  • Calytics keeps this information until it is deleted. All personal information is removed from this data

    Removing your Data

    If you would like all of your information from Calytics, you are able to go here. Your IP address and user agent will remain in our web server logs, but your cookie information and IP address can be deleted in the Calytics database.

    Changes to this policy

    This policy can change at any time without warning. If you have any questions, contact us here.